About the 2nd KSA Manufacturing and Industrial Tech Show

The adoption of emerging technologies and Industry 4.0 has already begun in Saudi Arabia. However, while market leaders are already making the most of the fourth industrial revolution, there is still a great deal of room for the rest of the manufacturing and industrial companies to gain a competitive advantage and increase performance and productivity through Industrial Automation.

International trail-blazers are using advanced software, such as IoT integration of factories to streamline production or use of Big Data Analytics and AI to enhance maintenance. On the other hand, they are making the most of the latest technologies such as Advanced Robotics to modernise their packaging and delivery, or using 3D Printing to create more flexible and easily-assembled products.

The greatly successful inaugural KSA Manufacturing Technology Show took place last October, and was endorsed by the World Manufacturing Forum and supported by The Institution of Engineering and Technology(IET), and featured keynote presentation from Saudi Aramco and Obeikan Group, with key speakers from Al Nafees, ARASCO, Almarai, Tetra Pak and Al Widyan.

After the success of the inaugural edition, the 2nd KSA Manufacturing and Industrial Tech Show will take place in Riyadh from 9-10 December, and bring together an even more expansive collection of international thought-leaders, regional market-leaders and cutting-edge technology and solution providers to help bring the full benefits of Industry 4.0 to Saudi Arabia, and help make Vision 2030 a reality.